Condominium Law & HOA Representation

In the last decade, there has been an explosion in condominium ownership and the formation of homeowners associations. The Ohio laws governing condominium ownership had not changed since the 1950s. Recently, the law was overhauled and condominium boards, managers and unit owners must be aware of their new rights and obligations. Purchasing a condominium unit and living within a condominium association is not the same as buying a house in a neighborhood. A condominium association is a democracy and all members must live within the rules and regulations governing the association, commonly known as the Declarations and Bylaws. Conflicts arise when the Bylaws are interpreted differently by different individuals. Seeking legal counsel to assist in the interpretation of the association documents is of utmost importance. Our firm has extensive experience litigating condominium association claims. Likewise, homeowners associations have sprouted like weeds or wildflowers, depending upon your point of view. While you may have purchased that house in the neighborhood, you may also have agreed (without having a choice) to abide by the rules of a homeowners association. Before you buy, it is important to know what the rules are regarding paint, additions, etc. Are you allowed to park your car in the driveway? Like the condominium association, a homeowners association is a democracy and the interpretation and validity of the homeowners association rules often come into question. Our office can assist in the interpretation of these rules and regulations. If you or your homeowner association has a need for legal representation, please feel free to contact Mark H. Gams to ensure that your rights are fully protected. 


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