Mediation & Arbitration

Sometimes litigation is not the most cost efficient way to settle a dispute. Trial preparation can quickly become very costly and time consuming. For these reasons there are several cost effective alternatives to litigation. The two most common are mediation and arbitration. Our attorneys have vast experience with both alternatives and can also serve as an arbitrator or mediator. Mediation aims to assist the parties in reaching an agreement. It can be utilized to settle a wide range of disputes. Mediators, who are impartial, use negotiating techniques and other acquired skills to open and/or improve dialogue between the parties with the goal of reaching a settlement. Arbitration is a legal technique used for the resolution of disputes wherein the parties to a dispute present the case to one or more persons, or arbitrators by whose decision they agree to be bound. Our attorneys represent clients in arbitrations and serve on arbitration panels. We have vast experience with the settlement week programs throughout Ohio. Barry W. Littrell can assist you in reaching an amicable resolution to your legal dispute. 


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