Ohio Accident And Injury Attorneys

Personal injury litigation arising from serious motor vehicle accidents, falls on hazardous property, use of defective products and other traumatic events is a clear area of strength for the lawyers at Gallagher, Gams, Tallan, Barnes & Littrell, L.L.P., in Columbus, Ohio. Our cohesive legal team’s many decades of experience resolving insurance disputes and personal injury lawsuits favorably for our clients could be a crucial, difference-making asset for you.We are open about our strength in insurance defense and our firm’s long-standing relationships with major insurance carriers. Ultimately, however, we are advocates for justice. Our deeply experienced attorneys are impeccably capable of providing stellar representation for victims of severe personal injury and family members pursuing survivor claims after a tragic wrongful death as well. 

Practical, Rigorous Representation For Victims Of Car Accidents, Defective Medical Products, Truck Accidents, Defamation Cases And Other Valid Claims

Our knowledge and capabilities cover a broad spectrum of serious and catastrophic injury claims, as well as actions causing serious financial injury. Specific areas of focus include:

  • Victims of car accidents. Our attorneys have represented thousands of people involved in a car accident. We have the knowledge and experience to retain the medical experts, economists and accident reconstruction experts to fully prove your claim. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of each client individually and streamlining the resolution of your medical bills, lost wages, suffrogation and insurance claims.
  • Advocacy for people who have suffered serious consequences due to defective medical devices and defective drugs. Attorney James R. Gallagher is currently engaged in multi-district litigation associated with DePuy implants and available to represent individuals with valid claims.
  • Commercial truck accident litigation. Emphasizing thorough investigation and in-depth understanding of transportation regulations, we can provide tractor-trailer operator defense or advocacy for car-truck collision victims, many of whom have suffered traumatic brain injuries or other life-altering consequences.

Put More Than 200 Years Of Collective Litigation To Work For You

Effectiveness in personal injury litigation requires prompt, rigorous investigation. It requires access to qualified experts in accident reconstruction, medical prognosis, life care planning and many other specialized areas. Our firm leaves no angle unpursued and no stone unturned. To request a consultation focused on your unique concerns and objectives, contact us by telephone or email.


Gallagher, Gams, Tallan, Barnes & Littrell, L.L.P., is a premier insurance defense and business litigation firm with strengths in many other areas of law as well.

Founded in 1996 by a cohesive group of litigators with strong relationships and complementary skills, today we have a 10-lawyer team known for taking cases the distance whenever that is in our clients’ best interests. Five of our partners have practiced with distinction for 30 or more years.