Wrongful Death

Originally a person could only recover economic damages arisings from the death of a loved one. Ohio’s wrongful death statute, R.C. 2125.02, was revised in 1982 to broaden the scope of recoverable damages to now include recovery for loss of support, loss of services, loss of society, loss of prospective inheritance, and mental anguish suffered by surviving relatives of the deceased victim. Why is it important to select an experienced attorney with respect to wrongful death actions? Because the Ohio wrongful death statute is complex and often misunderstood. In April 2005, tort reform legislation made additional significant changes to the wrongful death statute. As a result, selecting an attorney that is experienced, well versed, and current with respect to the constantly evolving law regarding a wrongful death of a loved one is vitally important. The attorneys at Gallagher, Gams, Tallan, Barnes & Littrell have substantial experience litigating wrongful death cases and are knowledgeable about the latest developments in Ohio law pertaining to this complex area. If you or someone you know has suffered through the wrongful death of a loved one, please contact any one of the attorneys listed below.


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